Customs, Carnets, Clearing

Das WIE und mit WEM / How and with whom

Da wir niemanden kennen, der sein Wagen von Südafrika nach Südamerika verschifft hat, blieben bei uns viele Fragen offen: Export und re-import, Carnet gebrauchen oder nicht, welchen Spediteur und welchen Agenten in Uruguay?

It took us a few months to establish what the easiest route would be: forget all talk about export/import, ITAC, SARS etc. Get a Carnet from the AAofSA(Automobil Association of SA), pay your deposit and carnet fees (which depend on vehicle value) and find a suitable agent. In our quest we only came across two logistics companies that we felt comfortable with: CTC Worldwide Logistics and JH Logistics.

Shipping the vehicles to South America

Verschiffung / getting the vehicles to the starting point

In welches Land sollten wir die Wagen verschiffen? Nach einiger Recherche wurde uns klar, dass Montevideo in Uruguay die einzige gute Wahl sein würde.

Once we had decided to tour South America (SoAm) the question was how to get vehicle to where. We investigated several options including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela. The more we read and the more we investigated, the clearer it became that from South Africa the best option is Montevideo in Uruguay. Less corruption we were told and better organised.

The next question had been as to how: by ship, in a 40ft container of the Hicube type – this should accommodate both vehicles if we planned it carefully.