Colombia 7: Villa de Leyva and Terracotta Clay House

Many overlanders had advised that Villa de Leyva is a picturesque village worth visiting -so this became our next destination.

Villa de Leyva, so berichteten uns andere Reisende, sollte besucht werden. Es ist ein Städtchen, welches Dank seiner Umgebung and Läden auch beliebtes Ziel der einheimischen Touristen sei. Da es fast am Weg lag, machten wir einen kurzen Abstecher dorthin.

The route to Villa de Leyva took us through Tunja -a bigger town offering refuelling on an Esso service station and shopping of essentials. It took us some time to find suitable parking, month-end traffic made driving particularly interesting with one way streets not clearly marked.

Near Villa de Leyva we found camping at the finca Renacer which offered hot showers, a kitchen as well as Wifi. Again it was a pleasant stopover,as we could sit inside while it rained in the evenings.

Our stroll next day took us to the old plaza and to a french bakery.

The Chocolate museum & shop caught our eye and it was too inviting not to indulge.

Many high quality art and craft shops helped us to lighten our wallets.

It was here that we heard about the Clay House -a wacky house built by a local artist who is still in the process of manufacturing steel ornaments for decoration of the house.

During our stay we saw an incredibly well camouflaged moth as well as some other flying beauties.

While we visited Villa de Leyva, hurricane Matthew had visited the north of Colombia – we were wondering, whether roads would be passable as we made our way to the north. In addition, the referendum whether the Farq peace agreement should be accepted, was conducted and not accepted by the population by a narrow margin -we hoped that our continued journey would not be affected.

This post covers 30th-4th October 2016

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