Peru 2: Cusco and the Inca ruins of Saqsaywaman

Around Cusco you find a lot to do and see the best masonary work of the Incas

Der Campingplatz in Cusco bietet die Gelegenheit, die Stadt zu besichtigen sowie die interessanten Ruinen Saqsaywaman zu besuchen -im Laufabstand. Etwa 5 Minuten zu den Ruinen, 20 Minuten in die Altstadt und zurück mit einer billigen Taxe.

We found Cusco a charming city and the Museo de Cacao provided us with the best chocolate cheesecake ever! In the same building we booked for Machu Picchu with Qori Inka Travel, after deliberating whether we should arrange it on our own or use an agent. All in all we realised that it is more convenient to book via this travel agency at around an estimated 10% premium. All tickets were ready next day for collection and service was professional. All train and bus tickets, entrance fees, a guide and one night accommodation in Hotel los Rojas in Aguas Calientes were included in the cost of USD250 per person.

Camping Quinta Lala is situated very conveniently. It is a 20 minute downhill walk into Cusco and the return fare by taxi is cheap. It is also  only about 200m away from the entrance gate to the ruins Saqsaywaman.We found the stone work in this ruins to be the most impressing of all ruins we have visited and strongly recommend a visit here. The stonework at Machu Picchu does not match the quality at these ruins.

When in Cusco spoil yourself with a visit to the fresh produce market in the Mercado San Pedro and enjoy best fruit juices freshly prepared (our favourite at no 86). Across from the market you can do grocery shopping conveniently at the well-stocked Orion mercado. The plaza de Armas in Cusco is surrounded by Cathedrals, restaurants, souvenir shops and ATMs.

For excellent groceries and other essentials we shopped at the modern, large Plaza Vea on the outskirts of the city and close to the Toyota dealer.Next to Plaza Vea you also find a large hardware store for essentials.

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