Uruguay 1: Ambling through Montevideo

Bevor es richtig los geht, haben wir 3 Tage um Montevideo kennenzulernen und einen ersten Eindruck zu gewinnen. Haben Rundfahrten mit dem Touristenbus gemacht und sind viel zu Fuss abgeklappert – eine generell saubere, sichere und schöne Stadt mit viel Handarbeit und Kunst in Galerien und Strassenmärkten, Strassenmusikern und hervorragenden Restaurants.

For US$21 per Person a ticket on the “Bus Touristico descubrí Montevideo” city tour bus is good value and a relaxed way to scout the city. We really made good use over the 24hr period during which the ticket is valid and visited 2 street markets at opposite ends of town, ate heaps of meat grilled on open fires in the Mercado del Puerto close to the harbour and watched tango dancers in the street.

At the restaurant Es Mercat with Chef Roberto Connio we sampled our first Corvina (Corbiña) fish -absolutely delicious ( find them at Colon1550 esq.Piedras )

Montevideo must hold the record for monuments of historically important generals, politicians and others – all on horses. On the “Plaza Independencia”the monument of General Jose Artigas and the underground mausoleum is worth seeing. The plaza is surrounded by interesting buildings  including the President’s offices.

We applied for the “Certificado de Ingreso”, the all important document to register our arrival in order to be able to get the vehicles cleared. For this we had to deal with officialdom which we found friendly and efficient and had our document within an hour. Then off to the clearing agents Repremar where Laura Seravia is a pleasure to deal with and the company leaves a professional impression. Fortunately all is within walking distance from our Smart Hotel in the Calle de Missiones near the port. We hoped to clear the vehicles the next day.

We managed to fill our Cadac gas cyclinders at Punto Gas at address  Maldonado 961,Montevideo

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8 thoughts on “Uruguay 1: Ambling through Montevideo”

    1. Hi Babette, tut uns leid, dass momentan unsere updates ausbleiben – wir haben nicht genug Zeit und gute Internet Anschlüsse – werden aber nachholen.Also alle paar Wochen mal reinschauen – wir sind inzwischen in Bolivien.

    1. Hi Babette, langsam haben wir mehr und haben den Blog wieder etwas angefüllt. Gruss D&K

  1. I’m sure you will find all Uruguayans very friendly, mostly calm and really helpful. Some might say they lack the Latin American temperament, but in situations like this it can be only in your favour. I hope everything goes well and you’ll have a fantastic trip.
    BTW: I’m jealous of your wide angle lens and the shots you take with it.
    Greetings from Pomerode in Brazil

    1. Hi Juergen, yes we are enjoying Uruguay tremendously and have met only friendly and welcoming people here.The 11-24mm lens is fantastic but I am experimenting at present how to properly use it – it is an incredible piece of glass.

    2. Hi Jürgen, inzwischen sind wir in Equador und Ihr seit auch weiter. Wir werden bald weiter in den Süden fahren, treffen wir uns womöglich?

  2. Das fängt ja gleich gut an, .. mit Tango

    Euch weiterhin viel Freude und voller Erlebnissen

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