Peru 8c: Parque Huascaran LLanganuco Sector


Sector Llanganuco
The dirt road starts near Yungay –a town which was heavily hit by an avalanche from Huascaran after an earthquake in 1970 and the scars run deep as 18000 people were buried alive – see

Only one church tower remained standing-the massive cemetary visible behind it today reminds visitors of this tragedy.

The winding dirt road took us past two lagoons.

Our Landcruiser diligently climbed high up the pass to 4730m with spectacular views of the highest peaks in the Peruvian Andes. The views are difficult to describe-we let the pictures tell the story.

We returned to Jaime for another pleasant night’s stay on the farm, getting ready to tackle the Cañon del Pato.

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