Peru 3: Machu Picchu

No visit to Peru can be complete without a visit to Machu Picchu

Ein Besuch der Inka Ruinen bei Machu Picchu war uns sicher mit am wichtigsten auf unsere Südamerika Reise. Es ist wohl die bekannteste und auch die am schönsten gelegene Ruine der Inkas. Auf diese Stätte herunter zu schauen und sich in die Vergangenheit zurück zu versetzen, ist einer der Momente im Leben, die sich zutiefst einprägen.

To get to Machu Picchu takes a small journey: first we were collected at the travel agent at 10 clock in the morning for a drive by community bus to Ollantaytambo, where we boarded the train to Aguas Calientes and arrived late afternoon, checked in at Los Rojas Hotel for the night and took a bath at the termas(water could have been hotter for us).

Next morning we got up at 4am for a small breakfast and walked down to the bus station at 5am to find many people waiting for the buses to start running at 6am. Do not get a shock when seeing all the long queue -once the buses start running, many visitors get moved within a short time.

Approx 27 serpentines later we arrived at the entrance to Machu Picchu just before sunrise. If your interest lies in photography, consider splitting from the guided group as it takes a long  time to meander through the ruins. Another interesting point is to walk up to the Sungate which is also the arrival point for those hiking the Inca trail and enjoy a different view of the ruins.

At 7pm the train departed again to Ollantaytambo, where we caught a bus back to Cusco and a taxi to the Quinta Lala camping site, arriving at 11pm.

Next day we had arranged an oilchange for our Landcruiser at the camping site, it rained but Nilo, the mechanic Milli had managed to arrange for us, found the required fuel and oil filters and got the job done.

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