Bolivia 7: Lago Titicaca

This section covers our trip from La Paz to Lago Titicaca.

Gern wären wir die Todesstrasse gefahren, denn landschaftlich soll sie bezaubernd sein – leider war es vollkommen vernebelt und so sind wir kurz nach der Drogenkontrollstation wieder umgekehrt. Es ging dann in Richtung Lago Titicaca (190km lang, 80km breit) und wir mussten bei San Pablo de Tiquina mit der Fähre übersetzen (Bol 60 per Wagen= R120) und fuhren dann bis zum Strandstädtchen Copacabana, wo wir im Hotel Gloria übernachteten und von dort Ausflüge machten.

After our arrival at Lago Titicaca we found suitable accommodation at Hotel Gloria with parking possibilities also for large vehicles. Next morning we woke up and it was snowing. On this day we got some laundry done and Uwe and Almut visited a trout farm on the shores of the lake.


Copacabana itself is a quaint town with interesting old church decorated in mosaic tiles.

Next day we travelled by boat to Isla do Sol, a 2 hour boat trip, where we spent the day visiting a museum and Inca ruins ( complete with a Shamaan). The vistas were great – in the background the snow-capped Cordilleras Munecas & Real and the blue lake in front of us).

Leaving the lake we took the road to the border, where unfriendly Bolivian officials booked us out of the country, but we were warmly welcomed by friendly Peruvian border personnel. As we had no letter specifically stating that our vehicle insurance by Clements (USA) explicitly covered Peru, the customs official was kind enough to endorse the vehicle entry papers so that we would not have any problems at police road checks.

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