Bolivia 4: The Lakes south of Salar de Uyuni

Nach unserem Besuch des Salar fuhren wir nach Süden um die Lagunas Cañapa, Colorada und Laguna Verde zu besichtigen. Der Weg führte durch bezaubernde Wüstenlandschaften inklusive der Dali Wüste.

We continued from the Salar de Uyuni southward via the small settlements of Villa Martin Colcha and  San Juan, passing the still active volcano Ollagüe (5869m) reaching Laguna Cañapa late afternoon just in time to witness a beautiful but cold sunset with numerous flamingo and other birds around the lake.

After a quick supper we crept in and prepared for what is to become our coldest night yet – minus 17 deg C. All water we had was frozen, including the lake before us. Our roof hatch was decorated with the most beautiful ice crystal patterns.

Only after the sun had risen and started warming the area, did the Andes flamingos move from the huddled formation which protected them during the night. The Andes flamingos started stalking on the ice, wondering how they could reach their source of food under the ice.

Our route continued to Laguna Colorado, a beautiful red lagoon. Karin did not feel well ( altitude?) at all and we took shelter against the cold night in a hospedaje without showers. We had to shower in a house next door for an extra fee of Bol30 – all very rudimentary,not too clean with Llama wool and hides everywhere in the house.

The following day we drove to the geyser Sol de Mañana and reached an altitude of over 5000m. The damage the Dakar race does to the environment was clearly visible -deep tracks everywhere (now everybody drives off the roads). Karin continued suffering and did not feel well when we reached Laguna Verde, where camping is not allowed. Icy winds cut short our stay although the colour of the lagoon was an interesting turquoise-green.

We returned to Laguna Colorado, took up accommodation in the same hospedaje. Next day route was via the town of San Cristobal back to Uyuni where we stayed in the hotel Girasol (sunflower), where we could park our vehicles safely in the backyard.


Enjoy the rest of the pictures from this trip.


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